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Our Story

Welcome to Blind Tiger! We are pretty much the definition of a small business as there's just the two of us! Our company is tiny but mighty, and we like it that way. We are located in Colorado which means good beer, good bars, good swing dancing, and 300 days of sunshine for us to hit the road in our '68 Chevelle.

We got started in this scene kind of by accident. We attended a speakeasy party at one of our favorite local breweries hosted by a swing dance company a few years ago. We got all dressed up, had a few drinks and got a free Charleston lesson with a live jazz band... and it turned out that we LOVED IT. The fashion, the hair styles, the music, the dancing, everything. 

So now we want to share our excitement for retro fashion with you! We specialize in vintage pin-up, fun swing dance and rebellious rockabilly clothing. We want to help you look amazing with classic styles made for twirling and dancing and ordering a cocktail. Drop us a line to show off your hot rod or Lindy hop moves or favorite swing jazz songs, or to show off your Blind Tiger fashion when you hit the town!

Why Blind Tiger? Blind Tigers were code words for illegal speakeasy bars during Prohibition. Legend says that bar owners would sell tickets to see a blind tiger in the back, but each ticket included a free drink. Cheers!