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What we are thankful for

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8 Reasons We are Thankful this Year

  1. Friends and family: we don’t know what we would do without our friends and family. From cheerleading to listening to our woes, our friends and family are always there for us. We are so thankful to have each and every one in our lives.
  2. New space for BTB: We’ve moved and now we have more room for our wonderful inventory! Be on the lookout for new inventory in the coming months.
  3. You lovelies: we wouldn’t be here without you! Thank you for your support and interest in BTB.
  4. Fitzgerald Friday: Ella is such an inspiration for us. We love being able to give her tribute every Friday to maybe inspire others.
  5. Swing dancing: swing dancing was the catalyst to building this business. We fell in love with the movement, the music, the community, and the clothes. (Thanks Swingin' Denver!
  6. This staple wardrobe item:
  7. This hair tutorial for amazing victory rolls:
  8. Our record player: music is such a big part of our lives. We purchased a retro-style Victrola a few years ago and haven’t looked back. We love putting on a record while we make cocktails and cook dinner.

Cocktail of the Month - Pumpkin Spice Old Fashioned

Folks love pumpkin spice and we are no different. When we found this recipe, we just had to try it as it combines one of our favorite cocktails with fresh pumpkin to make a perfect fall pairing.


2.5 ounces of your favorite whiskey or bourbon (we prefer Telluride whiskey)

2/3 ounce pure - real- maple syrup

1 tablespoon pumpkin purée

1-2 dashes dashes black walnut bitters

Orange peel, cinnamon stick, and a cherry for garnish


In a cocktail shaker with ice, combine the liquor, maple syrup, pumpkin purée, and bitters. Shake vigorously.

Add ice to a rocks glass, then strain in the cocktail mixture.

Squeeze the orange peel over the top of the cocktail to release the oils; then rub the orange peel around the rim of the glass.

Garnish with orange peel, cinnamon stick, and a cherry

Celebrating our Veterans

Veterans Day is a day to honor those who've served our Nation. While there are many ways to honor and celebrate the men and women who have served in the military, we have decided to commit 15% of all sales for this month to be donated to a veteran’s program. We have chosen to donate to K9s For Warriors. There were so many wonderful charities to donate to, but we love our boy Jack and really appreciated K9s for Warrior’s mission statement:

K9s For Warriors is dedicated to providing service canines to our warriors suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury, and/or Military Sexual Trauma as a result of military service post-9/11. Our goal is to empower them to return to civilian life with dignity and independence.

We are the nation's largest provider of service dogs for disabled American veterans.

So when you are shopping for your retrofabulous fashion this month, think of us! And also think of dogs for veterans!

Also here is a picture of Jack for your enjoyment:

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